How To Use

One of the most asked question by users who use Facebook Auto like for the first time is, “How to Use”. Well, it is completely easy and we offer you many other options and features for convenience. By following below steps, it becomes easy to obtain likes from our tool.

Step 1 – Checking Who can Follow You

  • Users above than and equal to the age of 18 can use this tool and you should make sure to check it before beginning.
  • Your posts must be public and it can be done by heading to settings and choose the Public Posts button at Left Side bar.
  • It is filter option of Facebook related to privacy and you need to choose "Who Can Follow Me" option.
  • If is at Public then you can rely on it otherwise you should change the follower settings and turn it to "Public".

Step 2 – Post’s Privacy

  • Your post should be set to Public in audience otherwise you can’t get likes on such posts until these are changed to public.
  • Do it by opening your post and the privacy button. Keep this thing in mind while posting photos and status.

Step 3 – Access Token

  • You need to get Access Token to begin and it can be done very easily.
  • Go to Home Page and you can find “Click Here” button to begin.
  • It will require you to log-in using the Facebook account and it is completely safe.
  • Well, we are not storing a single bit of your data which makes us safer solution.

Step 4 – Logging in

  • The last thing is to login which can take a little time. You can easily login by various methods.
  • Mainly, by copying the generated Code which is in URL and pasting it at Submit Box will log you in.
  • Now, there is just need of choosing the required service and everything is done. Choose auto like if you want like and rest is up to you.
  • While choosing services, try to stay selective so that you don’t face a single issue in between.

All the steps mentioned above are easy to follow and anyone rely on it without any kind of issue with the usability. Make sure to follow all steps wisely and getting the Access Token is typical for beginner so try to follow wisely.

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